June 2022

Holt Farley Consulting builds custom SFDC territory management system for Contracted Sales Representatives.  Territories defined by geography (e.g., country, state/province, postal code), named accounts, product lines, etc., were used to assign various standard and custom objects (Accounts, Opportunities, Registration Requests, Samples, etc.) to Contracted Representative.  Additionally, sharing of objects was automated using manual sharing rules, eliminating hundreds of difficult to maintain sharing rules.  Similarly, a dramatic reduction in approval process definition complexity and maintenance was achieved.

September 2020

Holt Farley Consulting completes new SFDC Change Order process to manage clinical trials scope changes.  Business process integrated Opportunities, Quotes, Contracts, and new custom objects to support change requests, pricing changes, and integration with custom bid pricing system.

May 2018

Holt Farley Consulting implements Apttus Contract Lifecycle Management.  Built SFDC community with custom VF “wizard” style pages to allow  corporate users without SFDC licenses to submit contract requests.  Built integration to cloud based Legal Tracker system.

April 2017

Holt Farley Consulting develops automatic dynamic manual opportunity sharing to allow only partners (customers, agents) that participated in an opportunity to have visibility to the opportunity and related objects (quotes, orders).  Each opportunity had up to 4 external partners, plus additional business rules that determined data visibility.  The custom code automatically added/removed manual sharing rules, as required based on data changes.  This eliminated 100’s of sharing rules that were a nightmare to manage (and were quickly exceeding SFDC rule limits).

December 2016

Holt Farley Consulting successfully separates a business line of one corporate division into a new division.  The new division was to be independent of the original, which required identifying and separating/duplicating accounts, contacts, opportunities, and many custom objects (samples, deal registration requests, etc.).  Additionally, users, sharing rules, profiles, records types, etc., had to be revised to keep all data independent by division.

December 2015

Holt Farley Consulting creates custom data interfaces between and Oracle EBS for account, contact, product, and sales order data.  HFC also manages Salesforce transition from legacy ERP data sources to Oracle EBS for 30,000+ products, 20,000+ accounts, and 30,000+ sales orders.

December 2014

Holt Farley Consulting develops custom applications for Cree LED Components Division, streamlining registration request process, sample order processing, product data entry, automated registration expiration, etc.

August 2014

Holt Farley Consulting completes business analysis, requirements, and design (data model, UI, interfaces) for new sales forecasting application “Foresight” for the Cree LED Components Division.  Foresight integrates sales pipeline (, sales orders (Oracle EBS), and business demand goals to speed forecasting and ensure accuracy.

August 2013

Holt Farley Consulting begins building Dell Boomi based cloud integration of Cree’s application with manufacturing systems and order processing.

September 2012

Holt Farley Consulting engaged by Cree, Inc. to launch their Lighting Division implementation.

March 2009

Holt Farley Consulting engaged by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department to manage a regional law enforcement data sharing system to support the 11 counties surrounding Charlotte, NC. The Charlotte Regional Information Sharing System (CRISS) will serve over 60 agencies in the region, using the COPLINK suite of search and analysis tools.

July 2007

Holt Farley Consulting completes Adult Arrest sub-system of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department KBCOPS records management system.

May 2006

Holt Farley Consulting developed Bid Management System (BMS) goes into production for Triad Guaranty Insurance. BMS greatly reduces time to process bidding on structured mortgage deals from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and other credit enhancement entities. BMS integrates mortgage pool risk analysis, pool segmentation tools, and financial projections.

May 2005

Holt Farley Consulting engaged by Triad Guaranty Insurance to create the Bid Management System (BMS), a new Oracle based application to streamline credit enhancement structured deal bidding. BMS provides interfaces to GSE electronic bid requests, as well as various commercial and in-house risk analysis tools. BMS is a web application built on database centric business rules engine, and includes sophisticated financial projections for structured deals to assist the bid pricing.